Map Guide Nomination Guidelines

The Geotourism Map Guide Program was launched by National Geographic in 2002 as a tool to help communities work together to create a shared identity and market their destination in a way that promotes sustainable development. Through crowd-sourcing points of interest from locals the process helps identify, develop, and authentically communicate a destination’s unique story of place - its brand. The resulting product is an interactive digital platform that functions as a living guide to the region helping connect travelers with the many attractions, businesses and activities through the voices of the people that live there.

How to get started

If you are a resident, visitor, community organization, tourism stakeholder or local business passionate about our area, you are invited to nominate places of interest (POIs), businesses and events for potential inclusion in the guide. Below is everything you need to get started!



Step 1:
nomination guidelines

Read the nomination guidelines to understand what the Map Guide nomination process is all about. Find answers to all your questions about who can nominate, what you can nominate and where we are looking for nominations.

Step 2:
how to add a nomination

Once you’ve read through the nomination guidelines, review this brief tutorial on the sign up process to become a Map Guide contributor and the step-by-step process on how to create a nomination entry on the Map Guide platform.

step 3:
creating a strong entry  

To help nominators share what is unique and distinctive about our region, we’ve created worksheets that guide contributors through a series of question prompts to help them craft a compelling entry. Each worksheet also contains examples of entries from other Geotourism projects for further guidance.