LGV serves as a vehicle to surface insights, drive innovation and build the collaboration needed to advance regional growth.

connectivity + visibility

year one projects


putting our communities on the map

With 75% of travelers using the Internet to plan and book their travel, digital marketing has never been more critical for businesses. Learn how LGV is partnering up to enhance online visibility and put our communities on the map!

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visitor data & insights

With over 700,000 visitors to Letchworth State Park each year our communities play a critical role in defining the visitor experience. During the Summer and Fall tourist season LGV will be conducting a visitor survey to understand how we can better maximize economic opportunities related to our area's travel and tourism market. 

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rural development solutions

LGV will be launching a blog series to build awareness and increase visibility for local innovation and entrepreneurship that present promising models for replication. Get ready to be inspired!

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