We fuel economic growth through regional cooperation.


Letchworth Gateway Villages is a municipal collaboration designed to catalyze economic growth and new tourism-related market opportunities for the communities that serve as “gateways” to Letchworth State Park.

Through network-building, technical assistance, and research, LGV serves as a vehicle to build the regional cooperation critical for realizing our long-term economic potential.



Find out about Letchworth Gateway Villages, our mission, approach, and how you can get involved.

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map guide project

Letchworth Gateway Villages is working with local organizations, businesses and residents to map the best travel experiences surrounding Letchworth State Park. Become a Map Guide contributor and help us promote our region!

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Blog series

Learn about local innovation and inspiring entrepreneurial approaches to rural development challenges in our region.  

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where we work

Letchworth Gateway Villages is implemented with local partners in the communities of Perry, Mount Morris and Geneseo, NY.

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