Visitor Data and Strategic Insights Report 

As a first step to better understanding how the gateway communities could maximize economic opportunities related to Letchworth State Park’s visitor market, LGV retained the services of The Harbinger Consultancy, a consulting group with over 15 years experience in economic impact analysis and sustainable tourism development for gateway communities of national parks and other public lands. Over the past year, LGV has worked with Harbinger to collect data, conduct research and analysis to better understand the area’s visitor market, identify strategic market segments and the most promising tourism-related market opportunities that align with our regional strengths.

The core questions guiding this work include the following:

1)     How can our communities more effectively tap the Letchworth State Park visitor market to get travelers to stay and spend money locally?

2)     What are the economic opportunities related to tourism in Letchworth’s gateway communities?

3)     What can LGV help catalyze in three years that will advance the economic potential of the region?

Who is this report is for?

This report is intended to provide municipal leaders funding the LGV initiative with data and insights to support strategic decision-making and market improvements in Perry, Mount Morris and Geneseo. While the report is intended for these three communities the insights and recommended actions cut across multiple areas and stakeholder groups. As such some recommended actions will require collaboration, coordination and resources beyond the Letchworth Gateway Villages Initiative for implementation.