Letchworth Gateway Villages is a municipal collaboration to fuel economic growth and regional cooperation.

our opportunity

Every year over 700,000 visitors pass through our region to visit one of New York’s top destinations - Letchworth State Park. As “gateways” to the park, our communities have an important role to play in defining a quality visitor experience. In turn, a vibrant tourism industry improves the quality of life for local residents and fuels economic growth by making our communities more attractive to potential employees and businesses. 

our mission

In response to this opportunity the municipalities of Perry, Mount Morris and Geneseo joined forces in 2017 to establish Letchworth Gateway Villages (LGV), a collaborative initiative designed to catalyze economic growth and new tourism-related market opportunities for the communities that serve as “gateways” to Letchworth State Park. 

Our mission is to build the connective tissue and capacity for collaboration critical for realizing the long-term economic potential of sustainable tourism in the Letchworth region.

key goals

Over the next three years LGV will work with community, business, municipal and county stakeholders to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase visibility for the region’s unique attractions and businesses through a robust online and digital media presence.  
  • Foster a shared identity that encourages collaboration and strengthens regional assets across municipal boundaries.
  • Develop a regional strategy specifically geared to cultivating new tourism-related economic opportunities in Letchworth’s gateway communities.

core activities


Network building and strengthening

  • Promoting stakeholder collaboration and networks that maximize economic opportunities and impact across participating municipalities.
  • Developing cross-promotional marketing and branding strategies that reduce duplication and increase visibility of the region's unique assets.

Technical Assistance

  • Building digital and destination marketing capacity amongst hospitality and other tourism related businesses and community-wide events.

  • Connecting entrepreneurs, businesses and property owners with technical assistance services and other resources that support main street revitalization efforts.

Data and Insights

  • Providing data and insights on the potential of travel and tourism as an economic driver for Letchworth gateway communities.

  • Identifying new and complementary tourism-related market opportunities across the three target villages.