Putting our Communities on the Map

Creating a more robust digital culture requires the participation of both businesses and consumers. To facilitate this, Letchworth Gateway Villages teams up with a range of partners to help businesses improve their visibility online and to mobilize community members to utilize consumer review sites and other social media that will in turn help drive content and visibility for our region’s local businesses and attractions.

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LGV partners with SUNY Geneseo and Livingston County Economic Development's Adopt-a-Business program to deliver one-on-one support and coaching for businesses in Perry, Mount Morris, Geneseo and other communities across Livingston County. The program operates during the academic school year and aims to reinforce skills and ensure businesses succeed in utilizing digital marketing tools. To learn more visit: www.geneseo.edu/cil/adopt-business.

Key Partners: SUNY Geneseo, Livingston County Development


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Letchworth Gateway Villages is an Official City Partner of the Grow with Google program for small businesses. As a City Partner LGV helps connect local entrepreneurs with Google's free online resources and workshops designed to help small businesses leverage the power of the web to grow their business.